Talking about my freelance niche

My freelance niche is SEO, where I provide SEO services to my clients and helping their businesses to grow in the digital world. Due to the pandemic situations, many people are busy searching on google and social media platforms. This becomes an opportunity for many small-scale businesses to leverage the online space and become visible in Google search results and social media to their potential customers. When it comes to SEO, it is a way of optimizing your business website in such a way so that it becomes visible in google search results. The good thing about SEO is business owners do not need to invest money in advertising as it is totally organic. SEO contains keyword research, content writing, on-page activities, off-page activities, link building, content optimization, and many more. Some tools are also involved in it like Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc are one the best tools one can use while dealing with search engines. More than 50% of businesses get to benefit from SEO because they do not need to invest in big hoardings advertising and still they getting good & pure leads for their business, also the return of investment is up to the mark. Generally, to bring such quality leads, SEO takes time & effort to bring your website at top of the search engine result pages. Even if your one web page is ranking well, then you may good amount of traffic or leads from the same. But that is not enough, gradually all web pages should come to the first page of search engine results to beat the competitors and get quality leads.


So how to get started with SEO?


If your website is new, then it is recommended to do basic things first like:


Setting up a blog

Create service pages

Content writing

Keyword research

Competitors analysis

Set up your title tags, meta description

Do image SEO


After this comes the website maintenance task which is the technical aspects of SEO:


Page loading speed

image compression

setting up the sitemap

structured data setup

navigation structure & 

many more


After this the off-page activities contains link building

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