How to move from 0 to 1 to achieve digital marketing success?


Ever wondered how great businessmen & CEOs made them so unique? It is because they started something new and continuously try to improve their product with time. There is a book called, Zero to one written by Peter Thiel, an entrepreneur & investor too. He explained the concept of moving from 0 to 1 & 1 to n. Now you must be wondering what numbers are they?  

Let’s take an example

Steve Jobs had an idea to create world-class computers which was completely new to him & there were many hurdles in his way – this is what we call as 0 to 1, as it is the most difficult journey to move from complete beginner to an intermediate. In this wonderful journey, you may learn many things , experience situations beyond your thoughts, face challenges, make infinite mistakes & based on that you end up creating something valuable or have good expertise.

Bill Gates 0 to 1 phase started when his company was creating a Microsoft word. Now, the 1 to n phase comes when they took inspiration from Google & thought to make their own search engine, i.e. Bing. It was easy to go from 1 to n for them as they had a roadmap & only thing they have to do is run on it!

Likewise, when you choose digital marketing as your career there will be loads of challenges, dilemmas because the concepts will be new to you. But how about if I share a roadmap with you in this blog which not only gives you theory but also a practical journey.

Let’s start with basics:

First make a clear vision in your mind that digital marketing is more about marketing & less about technology. 

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As many consumers are buying things online & spending most of the time on social media, searching things on google , the value of digital marketing is increasing. 

But when it comes to learning , we end up consuming theory knowledge from influencers and never know how to do things practically.

Applying is important! 

List out the all components of digital marketing:

  • SEO
  • SMM
  • PPC
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Web analytics & reporting
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing

If you are an individual you must be wondering how to get started with ads as it requires money. So I suggest starting digital marketing on a small scale. Let’s dive in to become a self-made digital marketer:

  • Do a thorough research on your niche or topic.
  • Start writing a blog on your chosen topic by creating a WordPress blog & purchase hosting domain (some best services are hostinger, A2 hosting, etc).
  • Learn more content writing & practice writing at least 100 words daily.
  • Gain knowledge about SEO, its working and optimize your blog.
  • Install Google analytics & Google search console to see how much traffic you are gaining.
  • Open your own Google AdWords account & try to explore keyword research to know what your targeted users want to read.
  • Now, go to social media, create your own FB page dedicated to your blog & share your articles in the public page.
  • It’s time to explore social media ads, promote your FB page. Your budget should not be less than $10.
  • Make sure you embed social signals in your blog, you can use WordPress plugin for the same.
  • Sign up for any email-marketing services like MailChimp, Aweber & mailite.
  • Embed email newsletter in your blog & get your subscriber, which you can later use them to do email marketing
  • Try your hands in Google AdWords too, promote it with a low budget. If your account is new then Google gives you a credit coupon so that you can run those ads.


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