7 digital marketing myths to debunked before it gets too late.


Keeping misconceptions or myths about something in mind may create doubts & assumptions which affect the outcome results. Similarly, you must have consumed lots of opinions & information from online courses about digital marketing. But one should have clarity about core marketing, it feels like mastering all the technicalities but forget about the fundamentals. Digital marketing is no more digital! at the first stage, it is more about ‘MARKETING’.

In this blog, I am going to list down some myths people have & try to clear them out in the same place. This article will be useful for aspiring entrepreneurs, newbies in digital marketing who want to scale up their business & grow in their career respectively. So stay tuned till the end to vanish all your dilemmas in the mind!

1.Learning digital marketing = knowing technical stuff

There is no doubt that you need to know how to use a laptop or tools for digital marketing, of course, you require one. But when it comes to understanding the psychology of humans, knowing customer’s pain points, making a strategy then marketing skills play a major role.

Learning email automation tools is not enough, one should know which kind of content will be more valuable to your target audience.

Tools are there to automate your repetitive or time-consuming tasks & make you feel more productive to plan out things further. They are with you to give a path, but how to run on that path is what your marketing skills will make you do.

2. Marketing is all about creativity.

You must have seen some very creative brand ads on billboards, TV & social media. Have you ever wondered how they come up with such creative advertisement content? The answer is human psychology!. Yes, you heard it right, more than creativity, it is about human science. These brands analyze several tactics to analyze their target audience, amount of people search their brand names, what type of content they will like or not, how they are responding to the services/product, pondering pain points, etc counts in studying the science behind human minds.

3. Marketing begins after creating a product.

Considering marketing plans after creating a product is a big mistake!

Marketing starts before creating any products/services. It starts with understanding customer & their needs that lead to a product that fits.

For example, if you want to create a competitive coding platform, so what things you will ask yourself are as follows:

– For whom?

  • For students who want to excel in their coding skills & get placed in good companies.
  • For entrepreneurs who want to make a website/app.


  • Lack of mentoring & resources in college education.
  • Lack of knowledge in the coding field.

This is how you brainstorm things, before creating any product/services & here marketing plays an important role.

3) Marketing can help in hiding the quality of the product

Marketing is a game of perceptions!

Never let marketing become more important than the product. Always remember, a great product always sells itself.

Take an example of Google, have you ever seen ads for it? No, because the product itself is good in quality. When you need help to find any info, you just type a query in google search engine and results are in front of you that’s how this brand sets in your mind.

You need a great product, marketing does not just help people discover the product, but also have a good perception of it.

4. A personal brand is not at all effective

Consumers talk to people, not brands.

Have you seen this recent tweet by Elon Musk?


Source: twitter.com

After Elon musk’s tweet, the Signal messaging app faced a great hike in share price as many users migrated to it because of WhatsApp’s new policy.

The purpose of this example is to explain the power of personal branding. People trust Elon Musk so much that they end up installing some other messaging app!

Personal branding increases credibility. One should always choose a category & become a leader in that. Even if you cannot be an expert in the category, be a leader in the sub-category.

For instance, Elon Musk is known for inventing cool things related to space or autonomous cars.

Maybe Elon Musk has a different journey/process in personal branding.

But, I feel that there should be a flow or evolution in personal branding.

Evolution of personal brand consists of:


Learn new skills, go in-depth with the concepts, topics include some facts & procedures. After gathering all these, take time for practicing & remembering it.


After learning & gaining a good amount of knowledge, not time to implement it & create your credibility or work proof.


Write down all your experience, learning in the form of blog content, and educate people about it.


After having internet proof, you already have created your image in people’s minds then start consulting other businesses.


Help people who want to become like you, mentoring them 1:1 will help you scale your understanding to a whole new level.


Start your services/product with having a proper understanding market, consumer’s pain points & your skills.

5) Funnel framework does not help anymore

Funnels work well when you know the basic framework to create them.

To explain more, let’s dive into the CATT marketing funnel:

Formula: Wealth = n ^ CATT

[n] Niche: Your success depends on the niche you select. You know better at which niche you are more expert in, choose wisely & start working on it. Keep these 3 things in mind:

[C] Content: Now you have selected your niche, create valuable content that attracts people from your niche. The format of the content can be like blogs, infographics, videos, audios, etc.

[A] Attention: Just creating content is not enough, your content needs people’s attention. You can do this by doing SEO, SEM, running ads, etc.

[T] Trust: Build more trust by personal branding, retargeting ads, drip marketing through emails, etc.

[T] Transaction: It’s time for conversions, do this with natural sales methods like a webinar, creating landing pages, etc.

6) Focusing on one marketing tactic

Focusing on just one strategy, will not give you long term revenue.

Your plan should contain all methods, which is known as integrated digital marketing

In this plan, content is a king & every component of digital marketing is a complement to each other.

Suppose you have started a blog, now you have quality content & it needs attention, feedback, to accomplish that you need other components help. Run ads on blogs, do email marketing by adding opt-in subscribers, share content on social media for good reach, SEO to get your blog visible, and add more traffic to your site.

7) Communication skills are secondary

Good marketing = Good communication.

Do not hesitate if you do not speak fluent English, no one likes to listen to heavy vocab words from you.

Good communication doesn’t mean sophisticated English, which does not care about grammar.

Unless & until you are conveying an understandable message to people, then you are a good communicator.

Writing is one way to have effective communication skills. When you start writing, eventually you end up talking to yourself in English & also think similarly. Writing slows down the process & brings more clarity to mind.

If you make clarity, you will be able to educate your customers easily about your product.


Hope your all dilemmas & myths are clear by the end of this blog. So, let’s have a quick wrap up:

  • Don’t master tools only, but understand digital marketing.
  • Marketing is based on science, not only creativity.
  • Marketing is needed before & after creating a product.
  • Quality of product is important.
  • Funnel framework works well (Follow CATT funnel).
  • Personal branding has more power.
  • Keep your digital marketing plan integrated.
  • Communication skills are important to consider.

For whom you are waiting? Start creating your marketing plan effectively and accelerate your business to new heights!.

If this blog helps you, please leave a comment as it will encourage me to write more valuable blogs for you. 🙂

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